05 Dec 2021

Signing agreement between United Finance and Elevate

United Finance Company SAOG , one of Oman's leading finance companies, signed an agreement with Elevate Management Services LLC on Wednesday, December 1, 2021, to provide ongoing training programs to United Finance employees. Elevate is one of Oman's specialized companies focused on Learning, Development and Management Consultancy. It provides for various solutions based on an employee’s training needs as well as a company’s vision. Both United Finance and Elevate strongly believe that an employee is the biggest asset of any company, and it is critical to provide them appropriate training to ensure that they can grow, both professionally and personally. As part of the company's overall development plan, the proposed Learning & Development solutions will comprise technical skills, soft skills, and behavioral training programs for all employees. In addition, there is a unique plan in place for assessing and developing the talent of young Omanis in United Finance and preparing them for a long-term career with the company. During the signing of the agreement, United Finance and Elevate agreed that the major goal of their cooperation would be to improve the knowledge and abilities of United Finance employees and that both parties would put forth their best efforts to prepare Omani youth to participate in Oman's development in the next few years. Without a doubt, this will lead to increased business growth and support the new United Finance management's vision. Nasser Salim Said Al Rashdi, Chief Executive Officer of United Finance Company, said, "Our vision is to be the first choice and the best finance company for our stakeholders and the community. As a result, we want to make certain that we provide our employees with the necessary skills to advance their careers and provide customer-centric financial products and solutions that support sustainable growth of the economy leading to job creation and income growth. Al Rashdi added that, in line with Oman’s Vision 2040, we believe that we need to contribute to developing our human capital. Elevate has knowledge and understanding of our requirements, as well as experience working with the Omani community. We are confident that Elevate will assist us in realizing our vision." Ahmed Qadir Al Balushi, Chairman of Elevate Management Services, said, "We are proud and excited to be chosen by UFC to be their partner in providing training to their staff. We will leverage our team’s knowledge and experience in the L&D business to help UFC and its employees in the future."

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